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Adult Services

Supported Employment

Career Focus Inc.'s Supported Employment program is specifically designed to assist individuals with significant disabilities in securing meaningful, paid employment with the support they need to succeed.

Key Benefits of our Supported Employment services:

  • Pre-screening and assessment to identify the unique skills, strengths, and support needs of individuals with significant disabilities.

  • Job matching services to connect individuals with suitable employment opportunities that align with their abilities and interests.

  • Ongoing support and job coaching to ensure successful integration and job retention, including assistance with workplace accommodations.

  •  Advocacy and support in navigating any challenges or barriers that may arise in the workplace.

  • Person-centered approach, placing the individual's goals and preferences at the forefront of the employment process.


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On the Job Training

At Career Focus, we offer On-the-Job Training (OJT) services designed to provide valuable practical experience to our clients. Through our program, clients are placed in real work environments for an agreed-upon duration. During this time, they have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and acquire relevant skills in their chosen field.

Key Benefits of our On the Job training services:

  • Practical Experience: OJT provides hands-on experience in a real work environment, allowing individuals to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills relevant to their chosen field.

  • Skill Development: OJT offers an opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones through direct application and practice. They can learn industry-specific techniques, procedures, and best practices that may not be taught in a classroom setting.

  • Industry Insight: OJT exposes individuals to the realities and dynamics of the industry they wish to pursue a career in. They gain firsthand knowledge of the industry's culture, work environment, and expectations, helping them better understand their chosen profession.

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Supported Self Employment Services

The supported self-employment process combines person-centered planning strategies with the development of a business plan. 

Key Benefits of our Self Employment services:

  • Person-centered planning strategies to identify the talents, interests, and assets of individuals with disabilities.

  • Development of an individualized business plan that aligns with the customer's goals and abilities.

  •  Ongoing assistance and guidance throughout the self-employment journey, including mentorship and coaching.

  • Access to resources and training programs to enhance business skills and knowledge.

  •  Support in navigating the PASS (Plan to Achieve Self-Support) application process, which can provide financial assistance for individuals with disabilities starting their own business.

Vocational Evaluations

Our experienced team utilizes a variety of assessment tools, interviews, and observations to gather valuable information about each individual's vocational strengths and challenges. Through this in-depth evaluation process, we provide personalized recommendations and guidance to help individuals make informed decisions about their career choices.

Our Vocational Evaluations include:

  • Assessment of factors: We assess aptitude, interests, personality traits, and work preferences to gain a comprehensive understanding of each individual's vocational profile.

  • Consideration of limitations and accommodations: We take into account any disabilities or unique circumstances that may require specific accommodations or support to ensure our evaluations are tailored to individual needs.

  • Insights into career options and training opportunities: Our evaluations provide valuable insights into suitable career options and training opportunities. We consider industry trends, market demand, and individual goals to provide practical recommendations that align with the current job market.


Benefits Counseling

Work Incentive counseling is designed to empower individuals in maximizing their career potential while considering the intricacies of work incentives and benefits.

Our Benefits Counseling services include:

  • Personalized counseling sessions to provide individuals with a clear understanding of work incentives and benefits.

  • Guidance in navigating the complexities of work incentives and how they may impact employment decisions.

  •  Assistance in making informed choices that optimize work incentives while promoting financial stability.

  • Support in exploring employment opportunities that align with individual career goals and work incentives.

  • Empowerment to overcome obstacles and make confident choices that enhance career growth

  • Ongoing support and guidance to ensure individuals feel confident and informed about their benefits and work incentives.

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